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5th International Ozone zone Photo Salon - Competition

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Event History

This is the 5th anniversary edition with double number of awards than usual. To view previous winners please see our website.

What Makes this event different?

What makes us an interesting Salon to enter? The number of awards, medals, awards, and cash to be won is almost 2x last year! We have again teamed up with the amazing and we are offering FREE Pro accounts to selected winners. The entry fee (actually lower than ever) is unheard of for competitions offering cash awards too. The early bird discount runs until the end of July. Accepted entries count toward several distinction programs. There is a high standard of judging by experienced artists and photographers. There is a beautiful Fifth Anniversary Edition Catalogue for all entrants. Media releases help promote the winners. Winning and accepted photos stay on our site, which can help your recognition and success.

Copyright Policy

Please see our site for complete rules.

Image Usage Rights

Please see our site for complete rules. We support Artists' Bill of rights ( and fair usage rights. We take pride in complying with rules set by PSA, FIAP, RPS and other world top photo organizations.

Greetings from a tiny Nature Isle of Dominica in Eastern Caribbean!

Though our island is small, it is amazingly beautiful. We work hard to make it more well known to photographers by running our International Ozone Zone Photo Salon. This photo contest may be the one you need to boost or start your photo career.  Set your photography apart from the flood of photos available on Internet.  There are four themes Open Color, Open Monochrome, Portrait, Love, and Nude.

We feel that theme Love is necessary given our turbulent times in order to balance the hard news from around the world whether it be wars, terror, politics, climate change or the destruction of our planet, or other painful developments we hear about daily in our news. We all need to feel LOVE and be reminded that LOVE is always an important part of our lives. Therefore, you are invited to submit images with LOVE as the subject. Whether it be love between people, love of nature, love of God or your love for photography. You can submit any aspect of love you can imagine. This theme is open to your interpretation, but images need to show love as positive, uplifting, and artistic. We believe LOVE is an important theme, and we are offering more awards in this section than in others.

We are the ONLY Caribbean organization that runs an international salon under patronages of RPS, FIAP, PSA,GPU, IUP, and other organizations. We became an ILFIAP club 3 years ago. Our group affiliations do not matter. We are all about a passion for photography, and the love of creation. We, as the organizers, often take part in other Salons and Exhibitions around the world.

Each year, we work to expand our Photo Salon and make it better. However, we need your assistance. Please share this news with your colleagues, members, and photo-friends. There are plenty of medals and awards to be won. We offer group discounts too.

Be inspired. Enter your images soon! We are honored to see your finest works and to celebrate our anniversary with you!

EARLY BIRD Discount (with additional discount for all 4 sections!) until July 31.
Closing on October 31st 2017
Judging on November 20th 2017
Results not later than December 2nd 2017

For more information about this photo contest, please visit the Event Website.


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