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Items in the exhibit may be photographed by the general public. 3SA may photograph any loaned item for reproduction in the exhibition catalogue, web sites, press releases, social media, and for any other advertising and publicity purposes connected with the exhibition; If requested, Lender will submit selected high-resolution images of the artwork for such purposes.

"America the Beautiful! Red, white, and blue with studded stars and gallant lights shall ever more gleam through the perilous nights. For the brave and for the sacrifices, for the high and the very low, for whatever we must forego, we will protect our freedoms and remain an inspiration to all nations. And we will decide our destiny as a collective people. To those that sacrifice, to those that build and create, let us celebrate and reflect on the nation that is our home and source of safety, creativity, and wealth. And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave."

September is the month to ponder the beauty of our county and the sacrifices of the many people throughout the history of America. The memory of 9/11. Our losses and our gains. Our unions and our divisions. Our failures and our successes. In the end, we are one nation indivisible with justice and liberty for all.

We seek works that express the idea and beauty of America. Red, white and blue, is an obvious palette, but what about the work of the people, majestic landscapes, diversity of ideas, creativity, food, mixing of cultures?

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