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ART DELIRIUM Multidisciplinar Winter Program in sunny Spain. Early birds FEES.

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What Makes this event different?

The utopist, the painter, the sculptor, the graphic designer, the performer, the art theorist, the politician, the poet, the scientist, the dandy, the caveman, the teacher, the charismatic leader, the shaman … that was Joseph Beuys, and all of them will be admitted in the program.

in sunny South East Spain.

January – March 2018
Deadline: 23rd December

CREATOR Belén Conesa
ORGANIZED by La Postiza / la

Human knowledge comes from art says Joseph Beuys.
Every ability comes from human being’s artistic capacity, when he/she is creatively active. Here my idea is to declare that art is the only possibility for evolution, the only possibility to change the situation in the world. But then you have to enlarge the idea of art to include the whole creativity. And if you do that, it follows logically that every living being is an artist - an artist in the sense that he can develop his own capacity. And therefore it’s necessary at first that society cares about the educational system, that equality of opportunity for self-realization is guaranteed. (Joseph Beuys)

Join us in a residency program to work around an “enlarged” concept of art, opening the horizon of creativity beyond the ghetto of art, alluding to the horizontal proposition of Joseph Beuys “every man is an artist.” In that context, everyone will develop their own piece of art according to their interests in a very open context.

The artist is expected to develop a project that deals with art from this point of view:

·       The use of his artistic ability to show human attitudes or improve some social aspect/s related to the community of La Cueva / Monteagudo, where La Postiza is located.

·       According to the idea “opening the horizon of creativity beyond the ghetto of art” your proposal should be an “exhibition” (talk, lecture, performance…) in a non-artistic space, ideally in La Postiza’s surroundings.

·       The piece of art must have a political or “spiritual” dimension that will try to show both human being’s precariousness and greatness.

Every two weeks there will be a round table around your perspectives. The results of the experimentation carried out by you will be part of an action or series of actions in non-artistic spaces according to the result.

Duration of residency
January, 10tht to March 31st, 2018.
Minimum stay: one month. Maximum: three months.
Exhibitions will take place at the end of March 2018.

A wonderful space in a sunny rural environment, only 10 mins driving, 20/30 mins by bus / bike to Murcia city centre.

Application information
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