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Beyond The basics: Working With Tissue Paper And Photo Encaustics | Three Day Workshop

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Working with non-traditional papers (tissue paper) requires a combination of technical knowledge of working with photographs and encaustics and a vision for creating layers and backgrounds. This in-person workshop tackles the challenges of choosing the right image, how to successfully print on tissue paper, and embedding your image to create dynamic and deeply satisfying work.

During this three-day workshop, we will cover the following:

  • What's the advantage of printing on tissue paper
  • Perspective and vision for creating layers
  • Choosing the right image for the process
  • Isolating images
  • Materials + tools needed for printing on tissue paper
  • Various techniques for printing
  • Ideas for building backgrounds
  • Creating smooth and consistent surfaces for backgrounds
  • How to hide the edges of the tissue
  • Tiling multiple image together
  • Working large with tissue paper

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