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Dare Art Prize

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Event History

"Shortlisted proposals for the inaugural Prize in 2016 included a whale choir and an exploration of cosmic bubbles, and the winning entry from Berlin-based composer Samuel Hertz: an electro-acoustic chamber piece incorporating sounds below the level of human hearing. Samuel is currently working on his commission, due to be unveiled in April 2018, with performers from Opera North and academics from the University of Leeds."

What Makes this event different?

The selected artist is matched with a researcher who shares their vision and can add expertise, knowledge, and networks to support the creation of something new. Artists are not limited by restrictions on the form of the outcome. Depending on the interests of those collaborating, the direction the work takes could be a piece of visual art, a poem, a dance performance, an interactive website or a cycle of new songs. The only stipulation is that the project be achievable within twelve months. It is expected that about £5,000 of the Award will be invested in the creation of new work.

Art call to individual, independent artists working in all disciplines.

Invitation to submit a CV and a 500-word proposition that summarizes the area of scientific interest - from microbiology to nutrition, astrophysics to climate change; an ambition to create something new and the kernel of an idea of what this could be. The artist must possess a genuine wish to engage with academic researchers, expertise and resources at the University of Leeds.

Access to studio space, musicians, and resources from Opera North may also be available.

For more information about this art opportunity, please visit the Event Website.


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