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Just B- Open Call by Hera Gallery

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What Makes this event different?

Background: Bee In Motion is a nonprofit mobile, music and movement therapy workshop that facilitates self-expression and non-verbal communications with clients of all levels of ability, social fluency, and communication. In conjunction with a licensed Occupational Therapist, Mr. Dennis Harvey, president and founder of Bee In Motion, has developed a repertoire of movement exercises that stimulate changes in brain chemistry and effect positive alterations in emotions, physical functioning, and behaviors. Mr. Harvey strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning between people of all abilities. He has created Bee in Motion as a vehicle to encourage self-discovery in others and to promote the expression of inner feelings through music and movement. Hera Gallery, the fifth oldest Feminist art cooperative in America, promotes a professional artistic presence that enhances the community through education, collaboration and involvement. Our vision is to erase all barriers to artists, broaden public interest in artistic expression, and enhance our community’s exposure to local, regional and nationally recognized artists.

Artwork should be centered around “B” but that could mean bumble bee, the letter “B”, or much like the name of Mr. Harvey’s foundation, a “state of being”; being happy, being sad, being still, or being in motion. “Be” creative, “Be” inspired.


Artists & Photographers

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