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Vancouver // Seoul // San Francisco


FOTOFILMIC18 is the 6th edition of the FotoFilmic International Juried Traveling Exhibition Competition, world’s only global call for contemporary analogue and film-based photography presenting a unique and exciting picture of 21st C. photographic arts rooted in material practices. Since 2012 FotoFilmic has occupied a leading role at the forefront of the film and analogue photography renaissance having exhibited over 150 photographers from 30 countries in New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Melbourne, Vancouver, Boise, plus Paris and Thessaloniki next fall with the FOTOFILMIC17 tour.


FotoFilmic Traveling Exhibitions represent the most ambitious opportunity available today for early to mid-career photographic artists working on film and analogue media to showcase their burgeoning talent on the world contemporary photography scene and have it noticed by some of the most respected influencers, publishers and curators in the industry. Best of all, FotoFilmic exhibitors do so in their own voice, grounded in the same material experiences that defined the medium since its 1839 inception. So make history happen again, join FotoFilmic’s unique photographic legacy in the digital age and get a shot at the new prestigious $5,000 FOTOFILMIC PRIZE!


JURY: Joachim Brohm (Photographer, Leipzig, Germany), Greg Girard (Photographer, Vancouver, NC, Canada), Jeong Eun Kim (IANN Magazine & IANN Books Founder, Seoul, South Korea), Barrie Mowatt (Vancouver Biennale President, Vancouver, BC, Canada), Joachim Naudts (Curator, FOMU, Antwerp, Belgium), Heather Snider (Executive Director, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA, USA)


Second SHORTLIST II submission deadline: Sunday, MARCH 4 at midnight PST. 30 more photographers to be announced on and published from Wednesday, March 6.



4 to 20 images

Short Biography + Artistic/Practice statement


OPTIONAL (no additional cost)


1 Photobook










FOTOFILMIC18 consists of 3 consecutive SHORTLIST Calls each selecting and publishing online 30 different film and analogue photographers. The SHORTLIST is curated by the FotoFilmic Directors who select all 90 shortlisted photographers for the Exhibition Jury.



30 photographers picked by the jury. The 1st Place Winner will be awarded the new 2018 FOTOFILMIC PRIZE in the amount of $5,000. 2nd and 3rd Places Winners will receive Honourable Mentions.



Photographers of all nations aged 18+ are invited to submit their best work and optional photobook.



All photographs and photobooks submitted must have been originally shot on film (any format) or captured analogically (paper, glass, tin, etc.). Scanning and image post-processing in Photoshop or other image editing software is considered common established practice and as such perfectly accepted.



Artists & Photographers

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