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Intentional Spaces

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Copyright Policy

Photographers retain all rights to their images.

This is a juried exhibition opportunity for photographers.

Humans create spaces to serve many purposes: to make us feel comforted, safe, humbled, fearful, awestruck, or inspired. The physical space may be the inspirational size of a vast public building, a cozy reading nook in the corner, a garden room walled by a riot of plants, the cold impersonality of an examination room or a space that exists only in your imagination. To each of these spaces, we respond in an emotional way. 

Laura Moya is the juror for this exhibition. She will be selecting approximately 35 images for the Gallery Exhibition, and 35 for our Online Gallery.

The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award are each entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Moya. 

For this exhibition, we seek images of spaces that evoke a range of emotions.

All capture methods and processes are welcome. 

For more information about this juried exhibition opportunity please visit the Event Website.



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