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LORE: Exploring Fear

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What Makes this event different?

Specto prints all exhibitions for FREE. No worrying about printing and shipping fees, no self addressed anythings. Artists also have the choice of digital display only within our space, utilizing 4k Ultra HDTV.

Copyright Policy

Artists always retain copyright of their materials. Artists grant Specto a one time use of their files to print one exhibition quality print. These prints are not for sale and will be stored in an archive after the show is over. Artists can grant Specto the ability to print their works on demand, as sales permit. Specto will never print or use your file in any way without your express consent. Artists have the option of allowing or disallowing the use of their imagery for promotional purposes.

Image Usage Rights

Specto will never use your work without your express consent.

Fear is human nature. Everyone faces their own, and they can be vastly different. How do we visually analyze these things that bring us that spine tingling feeling of dread? We want to see your exploration of the visual lore of fear! Show us what you're scared of, how you interpret your fears and transmit them to them into the world. Do you create tales of caution, or stories of woeful loss? Show us your dissection of the macabre, the strange, the scary.

Specto offers FREE professional printing, matting, and framing for every exhibition! No worrying about framing and shipping costs, no self addressed anything.

$400 Best in Show

$100 - Honorable Mention (2)

Specto exhibits works which can be printed using a professional inkjet printer, or can be exhibited on our 4K Ultra HDTV.

Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Collage, Mixed Media, Traditional Media which are scanned digitally, Video Art, Gifs, Simulated Art, New Media.

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Artists & Photographers

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