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Mobile Only - A juried international photography exhibition by PH21 Gallery

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Photography Contest for a juried exhibition titled Mobile Only.

Photographers are invited to submit their work for a group exhibition: Mobile Only. The PH21 Gallery is looking for submissions from all photographers who are interested in this practice and would like to share their work with a wider international audience through exposure at PH21 Gallery. The only constraint for submissions is that the work must have been captured by mobile photographic devices (phones or tablets). There are no generic or stylistic constraints. The gallery is interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of the theme.

Photographers who are exploring the possibilities of the different technological means of creating photographic images have always been challenged by the aspect of the ever-evolving practices of the medium. This pertains to traditional devices such as the pinhole camera, and new technological advances like mobile photography.

Some photographers consider smart phones with their apps, built-in cameras, and special effects to have brought a revolution in photography on par with the industry-changing 1888 Kodak camera and its 1897 successor, the folding pocket Kodak camera.

Since the end of the 19th century there have always been voices decrying the mass production of images inherent with the advent of new technological developments. This, however, has not stopped photographers from exploring the creative possibilities that these new devices offer. Mobile photography has now become the ground for such experimentation and recognition. We are contributing to this development by offering a platform for photographers to show how they make use of the creative potential of mobile photography.
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