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Just over one year ago, International House Philadelphia’s film program was reimagined, reorganized, and reborn as Lightbox Film Center. To celebrate the anniversary of a dear friend and partner of Da Vinci Art Alliance, this call for artwork will likewise celebrate the fruitful relationship between cinema and static visual art. From the perspective of traditionally static media (painting, printmaking, photography, and the like), the representation of movement has challenged artists throughout history. However, the birth of cinematography in the mid-19th Century marked a monumental turning point in how visual artists addressed movement in their work. Parallel to evolution of cinematography, artists have developed a variety of stylistic modes of depicting or interpreting movement in still images: Kandinsky’s lyrical abstract compositions lure the eye across the canvas, Duchamp’s fragmented and repeated forms imply the progression of moving figures, Pollock’s dynamic paint drips record his physical movement, even Hopper’s quiet scenes teeter on the cusp of an anticipatory action. What drives the motion in your work?

This exhibition will take place in the East Alcove Gallery, located in the public lobby of the International House building at 3701 Chestnut Street. A public opening reception will be held on May 22.

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