Artist Friendly

We make an effort to reach out to organizations with artist friendly events to make sure that they are aware of our free listing option. Please feel free to suggest any event that you would like to see in

For us, Artist Friendly means the following:

  1. The organization claims that artists maintain copyright for any work they submit to an event
  2. The organization makes every effort to credit the artist’s work when published
  3. Submitting work to an event does not grant the organization a royalty free license to use and/or resell the work in any manner the organization chooses. Organizations, however, can get a license to use submissions to advertise and promote an event and to showcase entries and awards in connection with their event.

Any organization with a bona fide call for entries event can have a listing in the C4E® directory. We offer free standard listings and paid featured listings. C4E lists competitions, contests, art fairs, residencies, award submissions, exhibition opportunities, grants and other opportunities that may be of benefit to artists and photographers.

C4E reserves the right not to publish a listing for any reason.


Artists & Photographers

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