Photography Competitions-My Own Experience



Barbara Storms

The biggest and most reputable recognition I have achieved so far has been with for one of my insect photographs which I captured last Spring. My entry entitled "The Little Jumping Spider" was awarded as a "Finalist ~ Natural World Category" in the "13th Annual Photo Contest ~ 2015". Being picked as a finalist, one of only seventy, out of a field of over 46,000 submissions from photographers in 168 countries and territories, was an incredible honor.  I still can't believe it! And even though I didn't win, I was greatly humbled and grateful just to be grouped together with such talented photographers to begin with.

Another recognition I was awarded was an "Editor's Picks" Best of Bugs!" in The Weather Channel's "It's Amazing Out There 2015 Photo Contest" for my photo "The Green Metallic Sweat Bee". Although I wasn't picked as an actual finalist, I did get this editor's pick along with some other entrants insect photos, so I was again thrilled. and The Weather Channel photo contests, as well as others I submit my insect photography to, present a great opportunity for me to showcase the genuine and beautiful side to these little creatures. If I can make one viewer reconsider squishing a spider, bee, or other beneficial insect, because he saw my macro photograph online in a photo contest, then to me I have done some good shooting what I love. And and The Weather Channel gave me a wonderful platform to do it on.

In the end, that is really all I set out to do when I shoot my photography. Capture a moment in time compliments of Mother Nature. Touch someone's heart. Make them stop and think about what we as a species are doing to the wonderful fauna and flora, large and small, on this planet we all call home. And maybe change the way they "don't see" our world.


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