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Petz & Animalz National Juried Exhibition | Cash Prizes

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Petz & Animalz will stampede and stock the 3 Square Art Gallery during January & February 2019!

On exhibit will be the furry, the friendly, the fierce and the wild. Local and national artists are invited to create art using the subject of Petz and Animalz (what does the z stand for you say? Maybe the z is for zebra.. or zillions of new ideas.. or something new and different than just the typcial s !?)

Pets and animals are an ongoing theme in the art world. Artists use animals sometimes as the sole subject or with other figures and scenery to convey emotions and ideas that were previously unimaginable. From the earliest cave paintings to modern abstract works of art, pets and animals conjure our imagination of the wild or of the close and loyal friend. These living beings create emotions and themes that we relate to easily. Our bond with animals is as old as the notion of family. Bring out the purr of a kitten or the roar of a lion using realism or abstraction.

For this national exhibit, we seek all types of works including painting, sculpture, photography and more. Send artworks that show off your ability and creativity to work with the subject of pets and animals. Give viewers and collectors a chance to see your capabilities.

The main criteria for selection are creativity and fresh approaches in the artwork and use of the subject matter.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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