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Submissions for our upcoming issue 'Departure' Now Open

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Art Call for SUBMIT TO LIGHT  -  ISSUE 04 | DEPARTURE  Fall, 2017

Submissions open on June 1st and are due on or before June 30th, 2017.

This is the 4th and final Issue of Light’s First Volume. We seek photographic work and poems that speak to “Departure.” We are looking for  fresh, creative work that engages with “leaving.” As Elizabeth Bishop might have suggested, is there an ‘art of leaving’? "Where do we go? Do we have to go? Now?–do we really have to go now? What if we’re not ready yet? We’d really rather stay. No, we don’t want to go!"

But that’s the heart (the adolescent, whinging heart) of one context. Departure is also digression, deviation, non sequitur, the one who coughs when we would kiss.  In short, “Departure” is about getting beyond the same old tired Weltschmerz that we’ve heard all about before–and right to that fiery, fatal, frigid or unexpected parting that we suspected we would suffer, or we secretly hoped would liberate us. "It’s the new Weltschmerz–the now Weltschmerz. Make us ache for it."

Please spend time thinking about the theme and plan in advance for your submissions.  

We begin accepting submissions on June 1st.  

For more information about this publication opportunity, please visit the Event Website.


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