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The International Graphic Art Festival UNI Graphica. Krasnodar

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It’s the first time the Kovalenko art museum presents an international exhibition project: the Graphic Art Festival – Uni Graphica.
The Graphic Art Festival is an international event, so the general topic is «unity» that is represented with the root «uni». The root «uni» is a base for a number of synonymous words in different languages, languages of the Indo-European language family – the biggest one in the world. «Uni» as a unit changes the meaning when we add some specific endings. Unitatis (lat.), unity (eng.), unité (fr.), unidad (sp.), unità (it.), uniteet (est.) etc. These forms turn UNI into «unity». Consequently, UNI – Unity is the general topic of the Graphic Art Festival that is relevant to the context of the modern world.
Based on the first festival results it will be decided to continue the project as an annual event or as a   biennial on an ongoing basis.

The exhibition is open to all artists implementing creativity through graphic art worldwide.
The exhibition will be located in the halls of the Krasnodar regional art museum named after F. Kovalenko. 15 Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar, Russia.
The Graphic Art Festival aims to encourage the international exchange of artistic and practical experience,  support graphics promotion – raise public interest and awareness of questions relating to graphic art in the city, country and all over the world, identify the graphics place and development path in the contemporary context.


For more information and to apply be sure to visit the Event Website.


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