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Women in Art 278 Magazine

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Event History

Why was the name selected for the magazine? "Women in Art" is an obvious choice because it is a magazine for female artists to display their work. The number which is part of the name has a different but important significance. It is our way of honoring the women in the first issue in the fall of 2013. The number "27" reflects the total number of artists and the number "8" represents the various countries they represent. It's our way to ensure that the women who took a chance on this newly launched magazine are forever honored.

What Makes this event different?

Women in Art 278 Magazine features only female artists. It's imperative, in our opinion, to demonstrate the artistic capabilities and range of women in the arts. We accept all those who are female or define themselves as female. We feature artists who range from professionals to those just beginning so long as the art they submit is photographed well so it reflects their quality of art.

Copyright Policy

All artists maintain full rights to their artwork. We encourage artists to view our current (and previous) issues of Women in Art 278 magazine. The magazine is published online and in print.

Women in Art 278 Magazine features female artists across geographical locations, age, ethnicity, and art genres. Each issue features a variety of artists ranging from sculptors, painters, photographers, jewelry designers, fashion designers, welders and more. We welcome inquiries from women who would like to submit their art but who are uncertain if their work is a "fit" for our magazine.

In our opinion, Art is a unifying language. We welcome a variety of artists. Each artist's pages are different. Some artists choose to include an artist statement while others prefer to let their artwork speak for itself. Statements are typically in the artist's native language. Our digital issues (available for free online) include a direct link on each artist's page to view more of her artwork and/or to contact her directly. The printed edition includes information to facilitate contacting the artists (website, facebook page, etc.) in the back of the directory so art buyers, collectors, fans and more can reach out to the artist.

Our goal is twofold. We aim to create the magazine as a platform for artists to showcase their work and as a space to encourage art buyers to invest in female artists. 

Publication Dates:  January 1,  April 1,  July 1,  October 1

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