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4th Edition of Online Photography Exhibitions with the Theme "THE WAY WE LIVE- Urban Reality in the Eye of architect"

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Event History

TATÌ SPACE is the first platform in Albania dedicated to Urban and Architecture Photography. Our mission is to promote the Art of Photography, bringing to the public articles about the masters and emerging photographers, workshops on photography, information about events and news from the world of photography. TatìSpace organizes Online Photo Exhibitions with different themes on urban and architecture photography, with the aim to create a community of photography lovers, that are interested in the genre. This is the 4th Edition of Online Exhibitions. From the start in 2020 we have organised three Editions on different themes. The CITY, this complex and multidimensional organism, offers different ways of representation. We are pleased that our open invitation to participate was answered by many authors of different professions and nationalities. The photos of the Exhibitions are published online in the platform www.tatispace.com in the Category Events.

Copyright Policy

* The author maintains copyright ownership. The author has the right / permission to use the photos and authorizes TatìSpace to publish them.

Image Usage Rights

TATÌSPACE is not allowed to use any of the photos in the online exhibition for any purpose other than presenting the author's work on the website www.tatispace.com and its social media for promoting this event. If the file is not formatted correctly, or is submitted with errors, it can not be presented. Tati Space can not publish the photograph if it does not belong to the theme of the exhibition.

THE WAY WE LIVE  (Urban Reality in the Eyes of Architect)

TATÌ SPACE invites all architects, urban planners, photographers, artists, professional and amateur, to participate in the Online Photo Exhibition with the Theme: THE WAY WE LIVE (in the Eye of Architect), presenting a photograph that represents the way they see urban reality. We call it "in the Eye of the Architect" because architects and urban planners are required to present a vision for the future of the cities. But every projection starts from the present, the way we experience and interpret it. Tati Space invites you to submit a photograph that expresses your idea on urban reality. By this we do not pretend that your photography should express all the complexity of urban reality, but it can capture a moment which reflects or conveys a thought, or a feeling about a certain part of urban life. Your Eye can be critical, or inspired by Reality.

Extended Deadline for submitting 1 September 2022.

The Photos will be published online in the Exhibittion Gallery in the platform TatìSpace.com on 15 September 2022 

Participation is free

Instruction for submitting

Submit in the following email:

  • Submit one photograph or one series to the email: info@tatispace.com
  • Write the topoc of the Exhibition in the subject area (THE WAY WE LIVE)
  • In the message write: Name Surname (yours), Title (of the Photo), Place (where the photo was taken), a bried description of the photo, link to your website or other social media

Required Format

  • Size: 72dpi, sRGB, 1200px longest side
  • File name: NameSurname_Title.jpg
  • Save as.jpg maximum quality

Note: If the file is not formatted correctly, or is submitted with errors, it can not be presented. TatiSpace can not publish the photograph if it does not belong to the theme of the exhibition.


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