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altrove open call

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altrove is an open call for all the photographers that have explored the suburbs.

We are searching for photographers able to offer a glance at suburbs, capable of capturing their expressiveness from a personal point of view, revealing one of the thousands shades of their essence.

Check our website to know if you've got what it takes and send your application to

Suburbs: border places surrounding the city, external boudaries, perimeters. We use to think as suburbs like something that stands alongside, outside the centre, that stands altrove (italian for “elsewhere”). Actually they’re often places of our daily routine: they’re the places of home, in which we live our intimacy, outside of the ever moving, never resting, urban jungle. It is for this reason, and because of their decentered position, that the suburbs might end up being overlooked, silently sitting out of the spotlight, overshadowed by the pulsating professional, cultural and artistic heart of the city.

Suburbs: fields and factories, industrial and craft areas, but also residential areas; grey, tall and bare buildings, fancy and refined townhouses or terraced house.

Today suburb isn’t suburb anymore, but suburbs, a place no longer defined by a single shape, by the border’s or the edge’s pattern, but a multi-faceted, fluid and ever changing place.


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