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An online residency by PICTURE BERLIN about (your own) care in your artistic practice

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Ask your hands to know the things they hold
An online residency by PICTURE BERLIN about (your own) care in your artistic practice  
Dates: 14 - 17 November & 28 - 30 November, 1 December 2022

Open to all mediums and creative practitioners

Over the last few years, PICTURE BERLIN has learned new methodologies and frameworks for thinking together. These platforms continue to show us how we can build on sharing our user experiences of our lives. PICTURE BERLIN’s upcoming Winter Session considers the broad theme of caring for our artistic practice and as living beings; Ask your hands to know the things they hold, a line from the Kae Tempest song, HOLD YOUR OWN, suggests self-awareness, understanding and knowing. By using their phrase as the title of our newest Session, we will explore pressing topics in the life of an active artist through a series of online workshops on the following topics; Mental Health, Grant Writing, Nourishment, and Strategies of Working in addition to readings and multiple portfolio reviews with international art world professionals.
As our world has morphed into an unrecognisable shape from only a few years ago, how can we move through this new world as better artists and better humans? How can we care for, care about and care with each other?
PICTURE BERLIN is mixed discipline and welcomes artists from all nationalities identifying as visual, conceptual, video, writers, poets, multidisciplinary, performance, installation and photographers. PICTURE BERLIN is known for its immersive programming. This unique online edition will have the same type of immersion by all of us (virtual participants and core group of Berlin based artists and curators) meeting daily for 8 days in total for 1.5 - 5 hours depending on the topic of the day.

14th Nov – Show and Tell, artist presentations (5 hours)  
15th Nov – The Onion Project with Carolina Paoletti, cooking workshop (3.5 hours)
16th Nov – Tips and Tricks on presenting yourself in the written form with Jeremiah Day, Grant writing workshop  (2.5 - 3 hours)
17th Nov – Stand Tall like a Tree - Spotlight. Strategies for the working artist - with Onika Simon (3 hours)


28th Nov – Care in the Institutional setting with Elizabeth Graham (3 hours)    
29th Nov – The Reading Salon with Kate Brehme (1.5 hours)  
30th Nov – Future Shimmer with Eva Hartmann, A work-life balance round table discussion and workshop (3 - 4 hours)
1st Dec – Portfolio Reviews with 6 international curators (5 hours)
Power Ekroth (Sweden/Norway)
April Gertler (USA/NL)
hannah goldstein (USA/Sweden)
Storm Janse van Rensburg (South Africa)
Lorena Juan (Spain)
Keumhwa Kim (South Korea)

Times are yet to be set due to timezone differences.
Each day and session will have at least one to three breaks, depending on the length of the activity that day.


Artists & Photographers

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