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Boynes Emerging Artist Award 3rd Edition

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Event History

This award is now in its 3rd Edition. It first launched in November, 2019, by artist Chantal Boynes as a way to support other artists and grow an art platform where we could all thrive and benefit from. The 1st and 2nd edition saw a huge amount of support. Due to that we were able to follow through on our promise that as support for us grew, support for you would as well. In this 3rd edition, we have managed to increase the prizes all around for a 3rd time, especially the cash prizes! We look forward to continuing to support our fellow artists, especially in these difficult times.

What Makes this event different?

The goal of this award is to give a platform to all talented artists around the world, and not just to those who come, 1st, 2nd or 3rd. We keep tabs on all talent and strive to present opportunities (such as writing an art profile on our blog, social media, website exposure) to all who entered the contest. Regardless if you won or "lost", your work will still be considered for any opportunities we think may benefit you. We are dedicated to growing a platform that would truly benefit the millions of talented artists around the world.

Copyright Policy

Artist will retain 100% copyright of their work.

Image Usage Rights

Artists will retain all rights to their own work and no percentage of sales will be claimed from any promotion or marketing made through us. Artists are required to allow any images that have won a prize to be shown and marketed, with full credit to the artist, by the Boynes Emerging Artist Award and its affiliates for the purpose of promoting first the artist and secondly the art competition. For any queries please contact, or visit the "Rules" page of our website for more information.

This is a 2D art award competition that is dedicated to giving talented emerging artists from around the world a platform from which to launch and/or grow their career. For us to help you do that we need your best. We simply require that you submit what you consider your best work to be, the work that is really the greatest representation of your portfolio. We accept all forms of 2D work, from paintings (digital, oil, watercolor, etc), photography, etchings, drawings, etc. We look forward to your participation in this art award and the growth of this art community

1st place -   $1200 USD cash award

                 - Marketing on website for 3 months ($500 USD value)

                 - Social media marketing ($300 USD value)

                  -Artist Profile (Worth $300 USD)

                 - Permanent place on our website​

2nd place - $600 USD cash award

                  -Marketing on website for 3 months ($500 USD value)

                  -Social media marketing ($300 USD value)

                   -Artist Profile (Worth $300 USD)

                  - Permanent place on our website

3rd place -  $300 USD cash award

                 -Marketing on our website for 3 months ($500 USD value)

                 - Social media marketing ($300 USD value)

                 -Artist Profile (Worth $300 USD)

                 - Permanent place on our website

Top 20 honorable mentions - Marketing on our website for 3 months ($500 USD value)​


Entry Fee  - $25 USD for up to three (3) images               

                  - $10 USD for each additional image (MAX 10 images)

For more information about this opportunity for artists, please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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