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Call for Artists - Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg

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What Makes this event different?

Werkkunst Gallery is not just an art gallery. We are working hard to turn our space into a hub for creative people in Hamburg. With events covering various aspects of the art world, such as music events, vernissages, readings, cinema sessions and so on.

After a very successful start in 2018, Werkkunst Gallery is now looking for talented artists to be featured in 3 group exhibitions and one art fair in its brand new location in Hamburg (Germany). 

18.01 - 23.02_ Women in Art
The feminine universe translated in art. If you're representative of this universe yourself or if your art navigates around the theme, you're welcome to join us.

22.02 - 23.03_ LGBT Art
The colorful world that accompanies the flag or the fight that follows the movement, if you're L - G - B - T - Q - ... Or just sympathize with the theme, you're more than welcome.

04.05 - 24.04_ /Nowart Art Fair
The iconic art fair that started in Italy is now expanding to Germany in its first edition. 

31.05 - 21.06_ Kopfe
Welcome to our head and everything that happens inside. That's the theme, now you just have to break your head a little and decide if you have what it takes to be part of this exhibition.


Artists & Photographers

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