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Co-Relations on Diptychs

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Call to photographers


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 and up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

There will be a Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city this July (2022).


Images can be in dialogue with each other through concept, narrative, and aesthetic-formal languages. Images connected both to the communicative methods adopted by the cinematographic world and by those of the art world. The Diptych, which is a pictorial representation form that has spread since the Middle Ages, aids to strengthen symbolic meanings, create narrative continuums that define temporal moments or different places, enhance the aesthetic sense of shapes, colors and details, create dynamism etc ..

Diptychs and visual correlations are the means and channels of expression that will unite the works selected for the next group exhibition curated by Loosenart.


Submissions »

Deadline April, 7th 2022


Artists & Photographers

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