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"CONNECTION" popart Show

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Calling All Artists and Creatives!

Elgin-based art Collective Your Neighbor (contact info below) is inviting you to contact us if you want to show your work in an upcoming, immersive, multi-media pop-up Show Saturday, July 18th 2020 at Hemmens Cultural Center.  Applicantion Deadline is June 20th 2020

Who we're looking for...

Visual artists, spoken word, poets, dancers, musicians, actors, chefs, insulation art and sculpters.

You'll get to display or perfom in unique, interactive communtiy that draws a diverse crowd and does what art does best:  challenge presceptions and build connections.


All visual art and spoke woprd submoissions must relate to the themes of the show: 


This will be Your Neighbors second show.  Our purpose is to continue to create immersive experiential events that will help people face the important questions in life, know they are not alone, and demonstrate that life is indeed beautiful especially when lived together.


Artists & Photographers

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