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Call for Exhibition

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. July 2021


Every line, point, sign or trace is characterized by one or more tonal / plastic variations that define its shape and confirm its existence.

The opposition, the contrast, as well as the positive and negative extremes, the informatic zero and one, etc., can generate a code through which the reading of meanings and grasping of information from the visible and no-visible world are possible. Contrast envisioned as an organic whole, but also as the result of an action that limits an expansion and affirms unity, as a single or as an individual.

The "Contrasts" theme is expressed from a formal-aesthetic and physical point of view, as well as by the biological, human, political, social and psychological perspective.


Submissions at http://bit.ly/loosenartcalls

Deadline 7th April 2021



Artists & Photographers

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