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Exploring Linocut Via Zoom

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Many relief blocks work well for printing by hand. Unlike monoprinting techniques, relief carving gives the artist easily reproducible results. The strong contrast between inked and non-inked areas of the final image lend itself to strong graphics. Among the relief techniques, linocut is unique one in that the material has no grain and readily accepts curves and straight lines in any direction. The softer material requires less pressure to carve and print which can have both immediate and long-term advantages. It’s an incredibly versatile medium which can be easily adapted to a variety of settings and can be used alone or in conjunction with other printmaking techniques as well as with text.

Topics that will be covered in the online workshop will include: the history of relief printmaking, selecting and caring for tools, preparing the block, transferring an image to the block, a technical approach to carving that begins with outlining a silhouette then moving from light to dark, and hand printing techniques. 

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