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Gemstone Select 2019

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What Makes this event different?

Jewelry design is a niche field that is difficult to enter. We want to make jewelry design available to anyone who wants to try. Gemstone Select can make that happen.

Copyright Policy

Inspire Art holds the right to use the submitted designs for marketing purposes.

Image Usage Rights

The images submitted will be subject to alterations in order to be produced.

Gemstone Select 2019 is a jewelry design competition supported by Forever Art. Gemstones are mineral crystals which come in countless colors and can be cut into any shape. Their physical beauty and variety make them the perfect centerpiece for any jewelry. 

We want you to make these gemstones come alive. Explore and express the colors of your imagination. Let the gemstones inspire your art. This competition is an opportunity for you to transform your thoughts into reality and demonstrate your art and jewelry designing skills.

Choose one gemstone to be the focal point of your jewelry which can be a ring, necklace, or set of earrings. The winning design will turn into a tangible, one-in-the-world prototype and be sent to the winner.


Artists & Photographers

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