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GROWN: An International Call for Works of Art About Maturity & Adulthood

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Based in Cinncinati, the non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, has an open call for visual artists to submit works centered around maturity and adulthood, and how these concepts are addressed in the art of today. Submissions may range from the most traditional to the most conceptual, abstract, or experimental of any media.


The concept of time is measured, in part, by our state of mind. When we're young time inexplicable slowly. As we age, time's passing quickens. While it is unclear whether this perceptual phenomenon is linear in progression, or logarithmic, one thing is clear, adulthood comes with (or is perhaps catalyzed by) the recognition of the limits involved in the time we have left.


Historically, cultures would enact fairly strict rites of passage which served as a powerful albeit symbolic threshold which divided a person's time in childhood from their time in adulthood. One day you're a child, the next you're an adult, and you could point to a specific point in time and event when this sudden shift occured. Today childhood blends into adulthood. The threshold is not so clear. It seems the modern world in all of its sophistication may have redefined childhood, and in doing so, adulthood. Now we must decide what that means for ourselves.


$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.


Artists & Photographers

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