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How Far Have We Come?

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Call for entries for photographers

How Far Have We Come?"
This is a juried Photographic Gallery Exhibition that will Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment
Submit work to help us celebrate 100 years of women voters! We will be commemorating women's suffrage with a juried photography exhibit at the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI.
The theme “How Far Have We Come” can be addressed in a variety of ways. Through photographic images, artists are asked to examine the progress, or the lack of it, not just women but for all of those who have been and continue to be disenfranchised, and what the future may hold for these groups.
The topic of voting is particularly poignant this election year. The “How Far Have We Come” photography exhibition is in conjunction with the League of Women Voters and over 60 Washtenaw County organizations partnering to commemorate the suffrage movement and the ratification of the 19th amendment making it a constitutional right for women across the nation to vote.
The exhibition is sponsored by CameraMall, the Argus Museum and the Washtenaw County Historical Society.
Open to residents of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
Up to three images may be submitted


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