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Magmart | video under volcano

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Magmart | video under volcano is an international videoart festival.
The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Partecipation is free.
Between all submitted video, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. The 30 selected artworks will become part of CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) permanent collection.
The Jury verdict is incontestable.
All the video, selected or not, become part of Magmart's archive, and can be screened in any other place or event related to Festival, online or offline, with exclusion of any commercial use.
Still-frame from video can be freely used for the Festival communication, mentioning title and author of artwork.
Without this donation act, the video will be rule out by group of 30 selected artworks, and replaced by those immediately subsequent in Jury's ranking.
Any author can participate with max 5 video.
All rights on video remain property of author. The author assert, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used materials (images, sounds, video) and that compose the artwork; the author undertake completely the liability for any breach of copyright laws.

Will be accepted only the video received within midnight of March 26, 2023.


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