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METAL: An International Call for Works Made of or about Metal

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Manifest, the Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and art gallery, welcomes artists to submit works that are representations of, feature prominently, or are made primarily of metal. Artist submissions can range from the most traditional to the most conceptual, abstract, or experimental of any media.

Metal, historically magical, holds its place in human history alongside such formative catalysts of civilization as agriculture, the taming of the dog and horse, electricity, and even DNA. Considering that roughly 80 percent of the periodic table of elements falls within the category of metal, it's no wonder that like water it's so essential to our way of life today, and to life in general. Even one's blood tastes of iron. But, as we know, not all metal is created or perceived equally. As was reported recently, an iron dagger belonging to the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamen, was crafted from a fallen meteorite (iron was more valued than gold in Egypt over 3,000 years ago!).

Metal is ultimately another generally ubiquitous category of materials, so pervasive as to be taken for granted on a daily basis. Manifest is interested in how artists elevate, observe, depict, and characterize metal in the art of today.

$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.

For more information about this opportunity for artists, please visit the Event Website.


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