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Over $130,000 in Cash Awards – 15th ARC Salon Call for Entries

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Event History

Founded in 1999, the Art Renewal Center (ARC) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, educational foundation which hosts the largest online museum dedicated to representational art with works by the old masters, 19th century, and 21st Century Artists as well as articles, letters and other resources. The ARC is the foremost vetting service for representational art schools ensuring that the curricula and quality of work meet our standards to be ARC Approved™. The ARC runs the ARC Salon Competition, which is the largest competition in the world for realist artists. It culminates in a traveling live exhibition. The first ARC Salon Competition was introduced in 2004 as an online event. In 2012 ARC started working with magazines, galleries and museums to offer partnering awards and in 2014, the live exhibition was introduced. During the last cycle, the ARC received over 4,300 entries from 73 countries. The 15th competition has a panel of 21 prestigious category jurors and over 40 jurors total including partnering awards. The ARC works with other artist groups, museums, and publications to become a central news hub for the 21st Century Representational Art Movement.

What Makes this event different?

The International ARC Salon, unlike most competitions, is dedicated solely to representational art and artists. Representational work in all styles spanning from highly realistic to impressionistic to imaginative qualify. Categories include: Portraiture, Landscape, Figurative, Plein Air Painting, Imaginative Realism, Still Life, Drawing, Sculpture, Fully From Life, Animals, and a special category for teens. To ARC’s knowledge there is no other visual art competition that offers the number of categories and diversity of awards as the ARC Salon Competition. Organizations from all over the world participate in offering a variety of prizes and opportunities for artists, launching careers and gaining international recognition. The ARC Salon is also flexible for artists in that works entered into the competition do not have to be available for sale, though there are sale opportunities for works that are, and works do not have to be available to travel in the live exhibition to compete and win the top awards in the competition.

Copyright Policy

By submitting your entry, you grant irrevocable permission (limited-copyrights) to the Art Renewal Center™ to reproduce your artwork entered into the ARC Salon on the ARC website and in promotional materials, including but not limited to the ARC Salon Book, DVDs, articles and advertisements promoting ARC and/or the ARC Salon. This is necessary for us to be able to include your work on our website, in our 15th ARC Salon Book and for the general promotion of your work through your participation in the competition. Images will not be used for other commercial purposes and artists retain general copyrights for all other purposes.

Call for entries for visual artists working in representation art.

Entry dates: April 1 – August 14th, 2020

This is the largest competition in the world for representational art with additional opportunities through partnerships with prestigious magazines, galleries and museums. The International ARC Salon is the largest in the world in terms of entries, and it is the most diverse in terms of categories and international participation. This makes the International ARC Salon Competition the most influential and far-reaching competition for representational art in the world. The Art Renewal Center (ARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation.
•  Over $130,000 in cash awards
•  Top Prize $25,000 cash award                                                                              
•  11 categories
•  International traveling exhibition opportunity with the ARC Salon Live Exhibition
•  Over 140 awards and honorable mentions
•  1st, 2nd, 3rd place plus 8 honorable mentions in each of 11 categories
•  Publication awards through partnering magazines
•  Purchase and exhibition awards through ARC and partnering museums
•  Exhibition and sale opportunities through partnering galleries
•  Additional awards for Best Nude, Best Trompe L'oeil, Most Ambitious Work, Best Social Commentary, Best Watercolor, Best Pastel, Chairman’s Choice Awards, ARC Staff Awards and more.
•  All semi-finalists will be published on the ARC website
•  All finalists will be published in the 15th ARC Salon hard-bound book “International Realism”
•  Approximately 40 jurors participate including partnering awards
Categories include: Figurative, Portraiture, Imaginative Realism, Landscape, Still Life, Drawing, Sculpture, Fully From Life, Plein Air Painting, Animals, and a special category for teens.
Works do not have to be available for sale, though there are sale opportunities for works that are.
Works do not need to be available for the live exhibition to compete and win.

The competition is open to all representational artists worldwide!
To read the prospectus and to enter visit the ARC Salon Entry Pages.

For more information regarding this opportunity for artists, please visit the Event Website.


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