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Phoenix Pride Artists Call

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Event History

Phoenix Pride is celebrating our 3rd year of the annual Artists Call! We received over 50 submissions last year and hope to double it this year!

How To Enter:

While we encourage entries of various physical mediums, due to space limitations, Phoenix Pride requests that each piece of artwork be electronically submitted through digital means via the Phoenix Pride Website ( no later than August 25, 2019 @ 11:59PM (MST) for initial judging. No late submissions will be accepted.

Please include a brief description of your artwork including dimensions and material.


  • The entrance fee is $10.00 per submission with a maximum of (3) submissions per individual.
  • Open to any artist residing in Arizona, the Phoenix Pride Creative is soliciting submissions of any physical medium including (but not limited to) ceramic, illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, etc. Examples of subject matter could include community progress, equality, celebration of diversity and community, etc.
  • After the initial judging, semi-finalists will have the opportunity to display their original artwork at Exposed Studio & Gallery for final judging and will be recognized through Phoenix Pride social media.
  • The top 3 finalists will have the opportunity to display their artwork at the Parsons Center Library.




Is there a fee to enter submissions?

  • Yes, there is a $10.00 entry fee per submission (not per person). Artists are eligible to submit up to (3) separate pieces of artwork.

How many awards are there?

  • Phoenix Pride will be awarding three prizes for First, Second, and Third place.

I don’t feel I belong to the LGBT+ Community, but I still want to enter. Can I?

  • Absolutely! The Phoenix Pride Creative is open to all LGBTQ+ community members as well as Allies. If you support us, we support you without any regards towards citizenship status, orientation, nationality, gender, race, religion, or other demographic!

I spend my winter seasons out of state. Can I still enter?

  • Are you a resident of Arizona? If so, you are eligible to enter no matter where you spend your winters!

What is the minimum age requirement?

  • Anyone may enter regardless of age. Young or not-so-young, we welcome you!

My artwork needs to be seen in person. Why do I have to submit my art electronically?

  • Unfortunately, Phoenix Pride does not have the space to accept physical submissions for the first round of judging. All semi-finalist artwork will be invited to be seen and judged in person at Exposed Studio & Gallery instead of through a photograph.

Will everyone get to show their artwork at some point?

  • Due to space limitations, only semi-finalist artwork will be shown at Exposed Studio & Gallery for final judging. From there, the top three finalists will be invited to display their art at the Parsons Center Library.

Who are the judges?

  • Final judging will consist of members of the Phoenix Pride Board of Directors as well as local community members.


Artists & Photographers

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