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RICE Open Call №3

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Event History

This is RICE Initiative's third Open Call. We are very excited about consolidating so many opportunities for our candidates, especially the free online Feedback Sessions with vetted Artist Coaches and Artist Consultants!

What Makes this event different?

RICE Initiative is currently the only independent curatorial platform offering so many opportunities of exposure and sales channels to our candidates. All shortlisted artists get their work featured in our dedicated art magazine and get to sell their work in curated online auctions. Plus selected artists will participate in a physical exhibit at an Art Gallery in Barcelona, Spain this winter. On top of all this, our Feedback Program is also unique. We have put together a group of vetted Artist Coaches and Consultants so that 50 candidates can have access to a free online session to receive feedback about their proposals from a professional third party. Apply now to RICE Open Call №3 and join the #RICEinitiative network of artists from around the globe striving for #Equality and #Inclusion in the #artworld! Deadline 11.10.2020

RICE Initiative Open Call Nº3



  • Artists of any nationality and age, evidencing a committed artistic career are welcome to submit their work.
  • All forms of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work in any medium are welcome, such as: painting, drawing, illustration, collage, street art, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, installation and sculpture. There are no restrictions on the dimensions of work submitted.

selection process

  • The selection process will consist of three rounds of screening, the results of which will be notified to all candidates.
  • The second round of screening will result in:
    • the shortlist of artists who will be featured in Vol. 3 of RICE · The Contemporary Art Magazine Celebrating Equality and Inclusion . All shortlisted artists for the magazine will also be able to submit 5 to 10 artworks to be auctioned in partnership with liveauctioneers.com.
    • a list of 50 artists who will  receive a voluntary and free 10 minute online session (via Zoom or Skype) through our Feedback Programe, to receive career-focused feedback on their proposals and constructive advice of improvement for the future (more on this below)
  • The third round of screening will decide on the list of artists who will participate in a two-week long exhibit at MUTUO art gallery in Barcelona, Spain, in December, 2020.
  • In accordance with our Open Call Quota System, at least 70% of selected artists will be women or members of the LGTBQ community or racialized persons, and 30% of selected artists will be cisgender males. (Read more on why we are doing this in our ABOUT section). Our first open call received less than 5% of proposals from the latter group of artists, hopefully this time we’ll receive more proposals from them.



Artists & Photographers

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