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Program schedule:

1) Application period

  June 01, 2022 (Wednesday) to August 08, 2022 (Monday)

2) Residence period

  From October 12, 2022  (Wednesday) to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday)


Number to be accepted

Two collectives/groups of artists who are mainly active in the art field

* Art collective/group must consist of foreign artists based overseas and Japanese artists



Applicant must:

1) Being a collective/group that includes both of the following

  1. Artists who have nationalities other than Japanese and live outside Japan
  2. Artists who have Japanese nationality

 * Up to 3 people can stay at SAPPORO TENJINYAMA ART STUDIO during the same period.

         * It is possible to create a temporary collective/group for this open call.

2) Be able to communicate in either English or Japanese with staff, fellow artists, and the local community.

3) Be able to concentrate on their research and the program activities for the full period of 50 days.

4) Be able to plan an exhibition for a month after the AIR period.

5) Be able to understand and follow the aim of the International open call AIR program and proceed with their autonomous activities during their stay.

6) Be able to record their own activities during their stay.

7) There are no restrictions on age or gender. When applicants are students, a postgraduate level is required.


Contents to be submitted:

* Please submit through an online application form.

1) Personal information of two of the collective (1. artists who have nationalities other than Japanese and live outside Japan, 2. artists with Japanese nationality)

2) Introduction/brief profile of the collective including all names of the member with the field of the activity and URL of the portfolio website for each.

3) Proposal plan of research/project in Hokkaido and Sapporo during your stay

・ Motivation for participating in this program

・ Outline of research and production activities

・ Methods to record/share the activity




Provided for the artists:

1) Letter of invitation from Sapporo city

2) Traveling assistance for artists who have nationalities other than Japanese and live outside Japan

3) Up to 250,000 yen budget for travel from oversea (only for artists who have nationalities other than Japanese and live outside Japan) per collective/group

4) Up to 100,000 yen budget for travel from Japan(only for artists with Japanese nationality) per collective/group

5) 500,000 yen budget for living expenses during the program period per collective/group

6) 200,000 budget for production and research activities (various expenses such as materials and transportation) per collective/group

7) Budget to hold the exhibition * It isn’t provided directly to the collective/group, but will be managed by the organizers.

8) Interactive coaching from the selection committee

9) Coordinating work including interpretation and translation during the program period

10) Technical assistant for realizing the exhibition


Selected artists must:

1) Be able to cooperate for the program and the public relations during the program period.

2) Be able to cooperate for the research archive during the period.

3) Be able to participate in events in the local communities such as exchange programs and artist talks.

4) Present their result as an exhibition in about a month’s time after the AIR period.

5) Manage one’s own physical and mental health and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection.



Artists & Photographers

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