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Sell @ 100 Galleries: Annual Sales Festival 2020

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Sell @ 100 Galleries: Annual Art Festival 2019

What Makes this event different?

This is the only opportunity that places your work in a 100 links at the same time. It boosts your online presence and your SEO. Moreover, this is a unique opportunity to put your artwork in front of 10 Million art lovers, collectors and experts.

Copyright Policy

Originality and Rights - Artworks must be entirely the work of the artist, executed without the supervision of an instructor. - Artist should own all the rights for publishing, promoting and selling the artworks locally and internationally. - Entries must not be copies or derivatives based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other artistic works.

Image Usage Rights

By participation in this opportunity, Artist will give Biafarin the right to use its data and artworks' images for promotional and publishing purposes.

Boost Your Sales in Annual Online Art Sales Festival 2020

With our ongoing effort to promote and sell your art, we are very pleased to invite artists to submit for Sell @ 100 Galleries annual art sales festival 2020. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your artwork for sale in up to 100 online links around the world.

When you display your art in such a scope it will boost your digital presence and SEO, help you reach millions of art lovers, and create a real chance of selling your artworks worldwide.

As social distancing protocols have become a part of our daily life, we have all learned to change the ways we used to buy, and art is no different. The online art sales have been on the rise for the past 5 years, and adapting to live with COVID-19 has accelerated the growth rate even more.

Enhance your chances to sell by showcasing your art globally.


Deadline: November 10th, 2020

Eligibility: This call is open to all artists worldwide in Photography, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Illustration, Digital Arts, Sculpture, Mixed Media, etc.


Artwork Sales

Selected artworks will be promoted to sell online in up to 100 placements worldwide.

The placements are from North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

All art sales processes will be monitored and managed by Biafarin sales department.



A promotion program will be executed to boost the selected artists' exposure and increase the artwork sales during the running period.


All artists will receive related notifications, whenever there is a potential buyer. 

Biafarin Certificate

A digital certificate will be issued for all selected artists. 

Biafarin Free Shipment

Selected Biafarin members with Gold and Platinum membership will use a free shipment of their artwork(s) in case of sales.

Learn more at: https://www.biafarin.com/pricing


US$ 50 for 1 Artwork

US$ 150 for 2 to 5 Artworks

US$ 200 for 6 to 10 Artworks

Fees are non-refundable. 

If you artworks have not been approved for this opportunity, you will be eligible to get a refund via your Paypal account.


About Biafarin

Biafarin is a Canadian artist management company with a network of artists in 70+ countries. As an art technology company, our online platform empowers artists to present, promote and sell their art worldwide.

For more information please visit the Event Website.


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