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The 7th Bio-art Contest

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Event History

The BioArt Contest and Exhibition ( has been held since 2013, organized by Biocon ( that is the Korea’s national research foundation for life science and drug discovery.

The 7th Bio-art Contest

1. Topic: The Beauty of Life
Have you heard the term “Desierto Florido” ? Chile's "Atacamac" desert, which is 50 times drier than California's Death Valley in the U.S. It's the phenomenon of over 200 flowers blooming when torrential rains sweep through a desert where nothing seems to be alive.

The strength of the nameless seeds that have endured over the years in a harsh environment where no living creature would ever exist makes us all amazed.  But this great and vibrant nature is being collapsed by the human race. Life on Earth which existed for the last hundreds of years is going extinct due to the environmental pollution, reckless development, poaching, and so on. Soon, our descendants will throw back the beauty of fireflies only through the books.  What about our society? Lookism and life-depreciation are rampant in the society and are becoming serious social problems. It's because people only focus on the external appearance, rather than look into the beauty of life itself.

A weed that survives the cold winter in a small crack of asphalt road, a brain-dead patient who gives new life through organ donation, and a blind artist who draws hope with a touch of his hand. Finding and sharing the fundamental beauty of life will be the first step in creating a culture of life, which is being forgotten in our society. We really want to share the beauty of life with people around the world that has been hidden and has not been recognized for a long time.

2. Eligibility

- Individuals and groups (maximum of 4 members), domestic/ international 

3. The fields of application

- Digital photographs, microscope pictures, computer graphics, video clip

4. How to apply

- Submit online and upload the file on the contest website.(

- Consult with the organizer staffs if you want to submit your own special work.  

- In case of picture (painting, drawing etc.), it can be submitted as well if it can be scanned in accordance with the size mentioned above. 

5. Application schedule

- September 2 (Monday) 2019 – September 30(Monday) 2019 

6. Awards

-Grand Prize (1 individual or team): certificate + Prize of KRW 3,000,000
-Runner-up Prize (3 individual(s) or team(s)): certificate + Prize KRW 1,000,000

-Participation Prize (10 individual(s) or team(s)): certificate + Prize KRW 200,000

-Selection Prize (20 individual(s) or team(s)): certificate

8. Examination Guidelines:

-Juries are made with the qualified authorities from the fields like life sciences, arts, educations.

-The evaluation focuses on the level of artistry, skills, creativity, and popularity.

9. Results announcement
- October 2019 (Results will be notified online and prize-winners will be contacted individually) 

10. Exhibition Schedule

-Date: 10 November 2019 (Sunday) - 14 November 2019 (Thursday)

-Location: B1F Seoul Citizens Hall, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (located next to City Gallery)

-Website :

-Awards ceremony: 10 November (Sunday), 2019. 

11. Notes

1) All award-winning works will not be returned. (It is going to be printed in Korea for the purpose of exhibition.) The contest host can use award-winning works for marketing and promoting the events by presenting the works through exhibition, workbook, postcard, and others. The works also can be posted online gallery.

 2) For the prize money, public charge and tax will be levied on the winner.

 3) For the group candidates, the prize will be awarded as a group. The prize money will be paid to the group leader.

 4) Depending on the quality and quantity of candidate works, the prize giving details are subject to change.

 5) Works with inaccurate candidate information or works not complying with the work standards and requirements can be exempted from the evaluation.

Bio-Art Contest Committee

Email :


Artists & Photographers

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