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The Photographic Angle - Golden Hours

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In photography, the golden hours are the periods of daytime around dawn and dusk, when daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. The term ‘hour’ is used figuratively as the effect has no defined duration and will vary according to season and latitude.

The effect provides a ‘magic touch’ to images taken at these times and produces something really very special and this is why these times are also referred to as the ‘magic hours’.  The effect works particularly well with landscape photography, giving a golden glow to everything in the image.

For those who dislike photographs of themselves, portraits also benefit from the golden hour because skin tones look warmer. The light is being directed from a low angle and this illuminates the face without creating shadows to obstruct the features.

Textures can be emphasised, shadows creatively placed taking advantage of their length and certain objects can seem to ‘glow’ whilst others can be seen as silhouettes all during the Golden Hours.

There are many dramatic effects that be captured during the Golden Hours and for this competition, we challenge you to find the most creative and ‘magical’ images to enter.

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