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Show Your World 2018

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Event History

We are hosting our biggest annual art & social event for the 4th time. Artists from over 50 countries have taken part in the previous three editions of "Show Your World". We continue to work with some of the previous artists on various projects.

What Makes this event different?

This is more than an exhibit. In order to promote our artists and their art we host various art & social events to attract a broad audience and potential buyers. For the artists, we organize networking meetups, workshops, and consultations. The festival-like art show attracts thousands of visitors. YOUR ART WILL BE SEEN. Show your artwork and create new connections. Meet new art enthusiasts and sell your art.

Copyright Policy

The submitting artist owns the copyright to his/her competition entry as its author.

Image Usage Rights

By submitting an entry to the art competition “Show Your World” the artist gives RE:ARTISTE permission for the entry to be used on the RE:ARTISTE website and its social media channels. The artist gives RE:ARTISTE the right to use his/her name and city of residence for the sole purpose of identifying the artist as the author of the entry. The entry fee is not refundable.

Art call for the traditional or rebellious, figurative or conceptual artist.

SHOW YOUR WORLD views and ideas.

Art is a non-verbal language that is understood by people who speak different mother tongues. It conveys both social and historical facts, lifestyle, inspiration, and feelings. With this art exhibition we create a dialogue among people from various cities and countries.

"The artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history." - Robert Rauschenberg

  • Show YOUR World – happy or sad, laid back or active, intimate or open
  • Show what only artists can depict – emotions, feelings or relationships
  • Show nature, wildlife or urban landscapes
  • Show what’s close to your heart or what destroys your comfort
  • Show your inspiration – whether it’s a place, a person, a book, or another work of art
  • Show your childhood or your future
  • Show the world you love, hate, or dream about

All entries will be accepted and will be part of the digital installation. Artwork of all participants is projected at the gallery during the entire show.

Twenty Winners will have their original works on display at the “Show Your World” exhibition in New York City in Fall 2018, Gallery MC.

Get your work exhibited in New York City. New York is considered a center for contemporary art. World famous art neighborhoods like Soho, Chelsea, Lower East Side and DUMBO, Bushwick and Williamsburg - are all located in New York City. The city is home to more than 1500 galleries and hundreds of art shows each year. New York is the place where you can see internationally renowned art and witness how modern art emerges. Get the chance to show your world and art to thousands of visitors.

For more information about this artist opportunity please visit the Event Website.



Artists & Photographers

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