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Stories, A juried international photography exhibition

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Art call for photographers.

Though photography is popularly associated with capturing the moment, the medium has also always been a sensitive vehicle for storytelling. Interpreting a photograph can allow for an understanding of the past that has led up to a moment frozen in time; it can also enable a viewer to imagine the possible unfolding of future events that may evolve from a still record of the here and now. Photographers who portray people, objects, and places can share inspiring stories, provided we take the time to study and interpret the images. A narrative relayed in a single photograph is an exciting challenge for both the viewer and photographer alike. Hopefully, we can appreciate these works with the care and curiosity they deserve.

Encouraged by the success of our previous Stories exhibitions, PH21 Gallery invites photographers this year to submit their work for our annual group exhibition themed Stories. We seek submissions from photographers worldwide who think that their work tells a story and who are interested in sharing it with a wider international audience through the exposure of PH21 Gallery. The theme is broadly construed; it may be expressed visually on social or personal levels. Work may be literal, abstract, symbolic... Stories can be told about communities, persons, objects, and places. We are interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of this theme.

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