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ENVIRONMENTAL: An International Call for Works

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Call to artists.

Environmental awareness has crept, like a dam springing a leak, for over a century now. It appears that we wallow from the depths of personal denial to the heights of generational concern, new selflessness, and a bright clarity regarding the situation at hand. Such a paradox to realize that in order to live we need to destroy the only thing that could sustain us. Are humans truly a virus, insane to the point of repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting a different result? How can our art and design play a role in illuminating the bigger picture, galvanizing resolve, or illustrating the task or questions at hand?

What does our culture have to say about our world moving into the Anthropocene?

Artists are encouraged to take a broadly creative view when interpreting the theme. This can include works that reflect how the concept pertains to people, ideas, animals, cultures, current political and social discourses, science, or even in the broader sense of Environment from a conceptual, imaginary, or theoretical point of view.

$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.

For more information about this opportunity for artists, please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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