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Staged - A juried international photography exhibition

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Art call for a a juried international photography exhibition

The PH21 Gallery is inviting all photographers to submit works for a group exhibition themed Staged. We seek submissions from photographers who have an interest in this subject and who would like to share their artistic work with an international audience through exposure by PH21 Gallery. The theme for this juried exhibit is broadly construed and does not have any photographic genre restrictions. The one requirementf or the exhibition is that the photographer was involved in the construction of the scene that was photographed or he/she directed her model(s) for the image. We are interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of the theme.

A few decades ago, staged photography emerged as a distinct artistic genre. For some genres like fashion or nude photography, still life, setting the stage and directing the models has been almost an intrinsic aspect of the creative process. Photographs that belong to other genres, such as portraits, may or may not be staged or directed.

For this exhibit we seek images that have been constructed to create a unique meaning. We invite works created by artists who, in addition to that of the photographer, assume other creative functions, such as setting or designing the scene, directing the model(s), sometimes designing the costume and set, or even applying makeup and prosthetics.

Staged images do not necessarily have to involve human or nonhuman models as they may rely merely on the arrangements of selected objects into a meaningful scene.

Deadline for submission is: December 21, 2017

To learn more about this artist opportunity, please visit the Event Website.


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