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Travel by Blank Wall Gallery

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What Makes this event different?

Artists who are selected to participate in the exhibition and included on the web page of Blank Wall Gallery, pay €25, regardless of the number of their photos that are exhibited. Payment can be made through PayPal. Only the photographers who exhibit their work pay a small fee for participating in the exhibition. Other artist will not be charged.

Copyright Policy

1. Artists grant Blank Wall Gallery the right to use their images to promote the exhibition, for display on Blank Wall Gallery webpage and for inclusion in an exhibit catalog. 2. The Artists declare that they are the owners of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights. 3. Any photograph used by Blank Wall Gallery will have a photographer’s credit. 4. The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to Blank Wall Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone. 5. The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist. 6. Neither Blank Wall Gallery nor their associates, affiliates or partners assume any responsibility for photos submitted in violation of copyright regulations.

Image Usage Rights

1. Blank Wall Gallery does not have the right to make use of or bestow the high definition files or the prints of the Works that will be used for the realization of the exhibition. 2. Blank Wall Gallery may use all entries submitted for marketing & promotional purposes across all media though there may not be any monetary compensation. 3. Blank Wall Gallery will not have any commercial profit from the Works that will be exhibited and it cannot exploit them at any time. 4. The Works will remain at the Blank Wall Gallery premises only for the period the exhibition lasts for. 5. The Works can remain at the Blank Wall Gallery premises only if the exhibition is prolonged for some time after the end of the programmed date. 6. The artists whose works have been exhibited in our gallery will be notified two months after the end of the exhibition, if they want their prints sent to them or not.

Photography Contest: Travel

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Travel photography depicts the feelings that people experience while traveling to a different place. Feelings connected to the time, the land, the people, the culture, and most importantly to first impressions. Seeing a place for the very first time can elicit a number of strong feelings. Photographers have the privilege of representing these feelings through their photographs, giving an interesting final result to the viewers.

We are ask photographers to make the most of their summer holidays and to present us with the result of their work for the “Travel” contest.

Choices Announced: Monday August 28, 2017


Artists & Photographers

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