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Light - Call for Submissions

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For Light's Third Volume, prompts will identify some stages in creative production. The first prompt considers the meanings of what it is to "begin."

Take this with all the word's implications. We might say that every project requires an initial act of will that moves us towards what is often a vaguely imagined goal. Perhaps we could argue that every step in a project demands a re-start: our doing means continual re-beginning.

For Issue Nine, we are looking for work about the unexpected joys of rediscovering ourselves in new endeavors. We'll consider pieces that suggest the deceptiveness of new performances that prove to be our old, two-steps through familiar motions. Yet, even if we admit that our "new" projects are old designs in new clothes, we can usually speak to little epiphanies we had when our most stale, familiar activities opened up to recognition that we'd done something novel. Perhaps, in spite of sameness in our momentum, transformation is always ready to begin.


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