Entering Photography Competitions the Encouragement I need to Pursue My Work

Zorica Purlija from Sydney, Australia


Love, Beauty, and Truth are concurrent themes in my work. Vulnerability, melancholia and innocence interweave the images. Natural light is my chosen illuminance and the essence of the individual is my goal. I like The Expressionists in Art History, where “the inner conflict of the sitter is reflected in the image, and we see directly beyond the mask into the soul. Intuition, insight and transcendence were the hallmarks of painters and writers to whom the purpose of art was to make manifest a new, higher, transfigured reality, this was Expressionism.” Munch believed the true subject is usually an inner one, the unattainable. These are the things I hope to achieve, using the photographic medium.


Yumi in her Bedroom won third prize in an International Callout which the NEW YORK CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC ART was holding in Chelsea, New York. The opportunity to have my work seen amongst an international scene and reviewed by a worldwide body for me was encouragement to follow my solitary path as an Artist. My passion for photography is a driving force and my daughter has been a principal muse. As the third prize winner I won money which went into my investing in further projects.

The New York Center for Photographic Art published a book of the show and an exhibition. The event was written up in a local New York Art Newspaper with the judge describing my image as a new age Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. The recognition of my art which runs so deep further encourages belief in following the path.

I have travelled to New York to see my work exhibited amongst the other finalists worldwide, the experience of unity within the international Photography and Art community further rewards my passion in pursuing and continuing my endeavour to make a name for myself as a reputatable contemporary Artist.


My image Visitant was another winner in a callout for Malamegi Lab. Udine Italy http://lab.malamegi.com/winners_II_edition_2015_en.html. It was acquired by the company and I was awarded money for the winning artwork. Each of these opportunities helps to sustain my passion and commitment.



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