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Art competitions - entering as an older artist

As an insecure, self-taught artist who started painting later in life, entering competitions was the only way I felt I could try to validate my art...



Entering Photography Competitions the Encouragement I need to Pursue My Work

Being recognized by international photography competitions has provided the encouragement I need to follow my solitary path as an artist...



Juried Photography Exhibition

For the past four years, I have been focusing much of my free time on personal work. Between commercial assignments, I travel and work on personal projects. For this competition, I submitted a cross section of work from various projects to meet the exhibition theme..





Participating in Art Call Events

Entering open artist call events, can be an important part in one’s growth as an artist which has the potential to place your work in front of thousands of eyes...





Entering International Photography Competitions

The willingness to take on entirely new visual challenges and to put your work forward in unfamiliar contexts can be invigorating and the results can be tremendously positive.



Artist Residency - My Experience

My experience at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency was exactly as described: “a space for creative minds”. This is a residency that offers solitude in the beautiful vineyards of Warnecke Ranch.



Artists & Photographers

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