Resources for Artists during Covid-19

Many artists around the world have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. We have put together some resource highlights that you may find helpful to determine whether you qualify for relief for self-employed workers.

Please note that we are not offering legal or accounting advice and the following resources are maintained by third-party organizations.  Please contact these organizations directly if you need legal or professional advice.

$ Resources (Mostly USA based information)
If you opt to apply for grants and funding it is important to read the guidelines to understand whether you qualify or not. A number of organizations have received applications from artists who were not a match for their mission.

IRS and Coronavirus Tax Relief

Medical Bills

Resource Links for Artists with Helpful Summaries of What is Offered

General Tips for Applying for Grants

For American Artists and Arts Organizations

Craft Artists - relief fund for craft-based artists who are suffering health consequences from virus ($3,000 grant). Glass, wood, metal, fiber, ceramic, etc

Emergency Grants and Links to Additional Grants for Artists

Small Business Owner's Guide to the Cares Act

Mental Health Resource

In the USA, check in with your state unemployment. The amount of support varies from state to state. You can begin your research here:

Unemployment Highlights - includes updated information regarding eligibility and information about the $600 increase in weekly unemployment payments through July 31, 2020. Please note if you receive assistance you will need to recertify each week:

While the first version of the Paycheck Protection Program was depleted a new round of funding is imminent and is awaiting the president’s signature. To apply for this loan, that under some circumstances may be partially forgiven, you will need to contact your commercial bank.



Artists & Photographers

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