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Intensive Drawing Course in Rome (Italy)

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Intensive Academic Design Course

The course of drawing proposes to make known to the participant the main bases of the academic drawing starting from the design of a simple object up to the complex design of the human figure. The final aim will be to acquire the main methods of the academic design and to realize a final drawing of a female portrait.

1 Knowledge of the materials for the design
Form construction techniques (measurement of proportions, invisible construction lines, graphic techniques of form reproduction, etc.).
Drawing of a sphere
Copy of an ancient drawing (optional)
2 Plastic anatomy of the human body (drawings of the human skull)
3-4 Drawing of a sculpture (head)
5 Sketches of human figure from life (every Friday)
First intermediate exam

1-4 Drawing of a sculpture (head)
5 Human figure sketches (every Friday)
Second intermediate exam


1 Plastic anatomy of the human body (drawings of the human skull with the clavicles)
2-4 Portrait of a female head with shoulders
5 Human figure sketches (every Friday)
Third intermediate exam

1-5 Portrait of a female head with shoulders
Final exam ⇒ Diploma


To access the course it is not necessary any specific qualification but an orientation interview with vision of the drawings by the school organizers. It is recommended to be at least 17 years old (prior to interview with parents).


At the moment of registration to the Cultural Association a confirmation e-mail will be sent, which will allow you to take advantage of discounts at the Fine Arts Shops in Roma.


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