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Life Framer Award & Exhibitions

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Event History

Showcasing international photographic talent through our exhibitions and photobooks. Five years and counting…

Copyright Policy

We respect your rights and do not claim copyright for works photographs submitted to the Award. You will retain full copyright in each entry. In addition, your moral rights are respected. Whenever your work is published on the website you will be credited. .

The 4th edition of Life Framer has now been launched! A prestigious jury, exhibitions in New York, Paris, London and Tokyo, and $2400 in prizes…

From June 2017 there will twelve monthly themes, each exploring a different facet of Life ending in September 2018. For more information and to enter visit

Our jury is comprised of world-class photographers, curators, agency directors and editors. They select a shortlist and winning photographers, as well as providing feedback. 

Every month there is a call for entries with a new theme exploring Life. In it for each entrant is the chance to win some cash prizes, professional feedback and their image exhibited in world class galleries.


Artists & Photographers

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