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MICRO-MONUMENTS II: UNDERGROUND aims to generate a new dialogue that resonates with sacred places, sanctuaries, native lands, excavation sites, and extraordinary scientific findings.

The inaugural MICRO-MONUMENTS exhibition took place in 2015 at the Landesmuseum in Schönebeck, Germany, as a collaboration with the Washington Sculptors Group, in a cross-cultural, trans-Atlantic project. Building on the themes and success of this exhibition, MICRO- MONUMENTS II: UNDERGROUND will include the overall context of prehistoric, historic, and contemporary monuments across cultures. How does a diverse cultural artistic exchange generate questions about how we as human beings have an impact on the land we occupy, extort, and exploit? How can we learn from deep time and history to understand ourselves in a larger context, and what do we learn from the past that has not yet been practiced? How do we as a society address situations of protracted political instability, and situations that then arise out of long-smoldering unresolved conflicts?

The intention of MICRO-MONUMENTS II: UNDERGROUND is to reveal a deeper understanding of people’s lives in history, and to allow contemporary artists to interpret topics of the cosmos and nature in order to reimagine monuments in our current culture.

For more information and to apply be sure to visit the Event Website and click on CALL FOR ENTRIES section in the page content and look for the call info.



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